Welcome to the Bitter-Sweet community,

Bitter-Sweet is a blog on which I explore the different aspects of life. I write about mental health, living, and relationships. Whilst discussing a range of topics from different angles, I have a unique point of view about coping, mental illness and treatment options. Bitter-Sweet stands up against mental health stigma by talking about it freely and giving a voice to those who are psychologically challenged through the ‘Once Upon a Time’ section.

The online initiative promotes positivity and adopting the right mindset. There is a huge lack of education and awareness about mental fitness and psychological well-being. It is so much more than not being depressed or having a job and fitting within the social conformations.

In fact, life is a pattern of Yin-Yang. We can never see the light if we don’t know what darkness feels like. Similarly, the shadow of the dark times will seize to exist without the light of the good ones. Hence, the bitter-sweet balance of life.

Through Bitter-Sweet, I aspire every day to highlight that what matters are the lessons we learn from the undesirable experiences we go through. The way we think highly impacts the way our body reacts, to the extent that our thoughts build neural pathways which get stronger with practice. We may not be able to control the circumstances, but we always have the choice how to react to the things that happen to us.

This blog and initiative were inspired to bloom by the Year of Giving in the UAE, 2017. Through Bitter-Sweet, I hope to give people the information they need to know about mental wellbeing and maintaining a positive mindset. Being even more encouraged by the works of ‘The Ministry of Happiness in the UAE, I feel that Bitter-Sweet is a very much needed initiative in the Arab world to eliminate mental health stigma and empower those who are psychologically suffering by making them feel accepted, heard and most importantly given the psychoeducation they need to stand on their own two feet.

It is extremely important that those who are not psychologically challenged would understand what it is like to have a mental illness or to be put on a pill. It is inevitable that we as humans have the power to change our lives but we just sometimes need someone to help us look in the right direction and not judge us. This is exactly what I hope to deliver to the Arab world and beyond through this blog.

Through the initiative, I also explore taboo topics such as domestic violence and sexual abuse. Being in the 21st century, I am extremely sad that there are still so many cases of domestic violence taking place across the globe. By raising awareness about such topics through creative means (makeup looks, poetry, paintings etc.) and giving voice to those who are suffering or have suffered and made it out is one of the key goals being implemented by Bitter-Sweet.

I genuinely and truly hope that no one would ever have to go through such horrendous experiences and perhaps through the online awareness, those suffering would feel supported and encouraged to speak out and ask for help. Bittersweettalks.com is also keen on interviewing and appreciating successful people who have had to go through rough times yet managed to turn their wounds into wisdom. The ‘Inspiration’ section of the blog salutes and introduces the human side to successful business owners and leaders who perhaps have never spoken about how they healed their pain elsewhere. The whole purpose of this section is to show to those who are suffering that they can heal and become wonderful leaders just like the ones featured on the blog. There is always a way out and if it is not good then it is not the end. Hold on, who says there needs to be an end for every healing journey anyway?

With love and care,

Mai Elsayed

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Founder of Bitter-Sweet


Please Leave your judgmental attitude and excuses outside and have an open mind to accept those who are different. Do not let each other down because we are all human beings who face psychological challenges at a point in time. Let us support each other climb the well-being ladder.
If you see no hope in humanity, be THE hope in humanity!